Payment of Taxes

We can help you get through the minefield of non-resident, property, capital gains and vehicle taxes

We can help you and with the following taxes:

a) Non-resident and resident income tax payments

Non residents have until the end of December to do there yearly tax declaration for the previous year and residents need to complete their taxes before the end of June.

As an Alpujarra Conect client we will send you an email to remind you when these need to be submitted and help you with this

b). Property taxes ( The I.B.I. is the “Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles“)

C) Capital gains tax, gift tax and vehicle tax.

D) Declaration of worldwide assets

-The Final date to hand this in is the end of March.

Alpujarra Conect can explain all the taxes and make sure that all the right taxes are being paid.