Services we offer people living in Spain

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Obtaining N.I.E, Residency, Health Cards

Help with Official Bureaucracy

Telephone Calls on your Behalf.

Renewing Passports

Other Services

Obtaining NIE,numbers,

Spanish health cards,

S1 cards,

EHIC (The UK European Health Insurance Card) and private health insurance.

Voting in Spanish elections

Renewing Passports

Telephone calls made on your behalf

Help with setting up an association, applying for grants etc.

Help with all manner of official bureaucracy

Booking tickets for the Alhambra, flights etc.

Obtaining post office box or renewal of this box


Empadronamiento – the equivalent of being on the electoral role

Advise on starting a business

Advise and help with paying fines

Writing letters in Spanish and English

Phone or email for more details and our fees