Spanish Driving Licence

We can help you through all the paperwork at the ‘Tráfico’ office to help you obtain a Spanish Driving Liecnce]

We can help you through all the paperwork at the ‘Tráfico’ office. EU citizens are in luck and don’t have to take a driving test.

As a nonresident, an EU driver’s license is valid in Spain, and vice-versa. If you are a resident, however, then you are required to do one of these two options;

Register your driving license and carry an extra piece of paper to go with your EU driver’s license or Exchange your license for a Spanish driver’s license.

As a non-EU citizen, you have our condolences; you will need to get a Spanish driver’s license. (You can now do this in many driving centers in English if you prefer)depending on your nationality, some non-EU driver’s licenses are valid for the first year after arrival in Spain. After that, you are officially required to have a Spanish driver’s license.

For US drivers, bear in mind that because each state has its own rules, foreign countries make agreements with individual states! That means that your New York driver’s license is valid for the first year in Spain, but your Massachusetts driver’s license is not.

Validity of your Spanish license

A standard Spanish driving license for a private car or bike is valid for ten years when the holder is aged 18 to 45 years of age; from 45 up to 70 it is valid for five years, and two years from 70 years of age. A person over the age of 70 is asked to present a medical certificate at each renewal.

The periods of validity may be altered for drivers with certain progressive illnesses or disabilities. We can help you renew your driving license or do a change of address on your license at the traffic office in Granada.

Please note that different conditions apply for passenger, bus and heavy vehicle licenses.